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Security Operations Platform

A complete end to end security solution

Our technology enables clients to operate more efficiently globally, through seamless interconnectivity between clients, their operations and responders. This allows for increased productivity, better risk management and improved resilience in operations. Our security app: locate, turns user’s smartphones into personal safety devices and GPS trackers. Combined with our cloud-based ARC, your organisation can pinpoint the exact location and communicate with every user anywhere in the world. Finally you can track, dispatch and manage all of your assets using the Respond app.  

Expand Capabilities

Equip your users with technology that delivers 

This platform provides workforce engagement and improves efficiency through the provision of tools for daily activities, duties and incident reporting. Operations can monitor, assist and communicate with lone workers or users in higher risk areas. 

Win Business and Maintain Continuity

Distinguish yourself with latest technology 

Strengthen your foothold within the industry and give customers additional value and service. All activity data, reporting and notifications can be provided to your customers through this platform, keeping everybody connected and ultimately increasing the value of your services.

your personal safety app

arc control centre

deploy and manage resources