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arc: alert response centre

The Arc, our cloud-based control centre, allows your organisation to pinpoint the exact location of employees and communicate with every user regardless of where they in the world. This gives you complete visibility in real time, as well as access to historic data.

The live tracking feature allows your monitoring team to quickly and accurately pinpoint your users, from anywhere. The platform is flexible and adaptable to your business needs. It can easily split your workforce into groups, countries, regional teams, departments or even clients,  allowing you to display your workforce however works best for your operation.

When required, you can instantly communicate with your entire network through the mass notification feature. This sends out notifications via SMS, Email, and in-app Push notifications. You can set predefined templates for the notifications, including information, documents and media. The platform allows you to communicate with anyone, both internally and externally if required. 

The ARC starts collecting the responses from all users in real-time. The powerful dashboard gives your monitoring team complete visibility of who has received and responded to the message. Taking the guesswork out of critical communications.  

The ARC is excellent for task management. Tasks that are created will become available for locate-respond users and you can assign tasks to individuals and teams with set deadlines. The closest locate-respond user is identified and notified that they have been assigned a task.