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respond: deploy and manage resources

Track, dispatch and manage all of your assets using the respond app.  Create and assign jobs, define duty zones and geolocations, gather and collate evidence.  No complicated settings or menus, streamline your tasks and boost productivity.

Dispatch and manage your security operatives or workforce with locate-respond. 

Track your whole team in real-time, capture duty schedules and attendance, oversee operatives and duty zones, track assets and materials, and instantly generate and distribute post-incident reports from one place. Responders can gather evidence by uploading photos or video, instantly alerting those responsible. Our platform streamlines vital communications between operatives, supervisors and stakeholders.

Task management is readily integrated with assigned tasks and automatic notifications. Geolocation locates employees or responders closest to the task. Zones are easily created in a predefined geographic region for area of work, potentially dangerous or exclusion zones.

Capture operational data using the platform’s ‘easy to use’ dashboard. Use the collated information to track performance of individual users or teams against KPIs, incentive programs, compliance and efficiency audits.